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Meeting Minutes: June 2019

Meeting called to order at 7pm by President Bill Fowle
Minutes to April meeting was read and accepted. No minutes for May
due to no quorum to hold a meeting.

Treasurers report

April and May were read and accepted
Range report, Range cleanup day only had three members show up.
Paul, John and Jim filled some holes and seeded the areas filled.Kids
shoot has not had any response yet. It was decided to set a deadline to
respond the Wednesday before the shoot. Need at least 5 kids to make
it worthwhile. Sullivan County Sportsmen is supplying the
refreshments. Paul is going to buy the cameras from BestBuy. He also
needs a pallet of clays.

Trails report

Mike not in attendance. Dave reported summer GIA was
approved but contracts have not been sent out from the State. Bill has
been busy at the groomer barn. He has the soffits closed in and some
trim done. He has researched paint prices and Home Depot came in the cheapest. He checked sprayer rentals and determined it would be beneficial to buy a sprayer. Motion made by Paul to buy paint and
sprayer. Motioned seconded and passed unanimously. Bill also built a
light bar for skandic and mounted toolboxes to both drags.
Old business, Discussion on bamboo growth at the end of driveway. It
has been cut and sprayed with round up last year. It is still growing.
Several members had ideas, some are going to look into a solution. The new club website is up and running at old4sportsmen.com.

It is set up with a PayPal account so memberships can be paid for online. A
member can print out a sheet with a combo on it so they immediately access the range. Fred still needs to train anyone who needs to load
info on the site.
Scott Gilbert brought up rapid fire rule and how he feels about it. The
Club told him it is still tabled until cameras are in place. Scott also
offered pallets from Bomar for the range and maybe some paint from
Hutchins for the Groomer barn.
New business, Paul is looking at a zero turn mower at Fall Mountain
Small Engines. He is going to get a price on trading our mowers in, Or
selling them.

Paul Hamel moved to adjourn, a motion was seconded and passed
Adjourned 7:49 pm Submitted, Dave Bragg, Treasurer