Meeting called to order at 6:59 by president Bill Fowle

Minutes to August meeting were read and accepted

Treasurers Report was read and accepted

Range Report : Paul reported trap still going well. He has been working on shed addition. He is planning on painting it soon.

Trails Report : Mike reported that summer grant money is finally available. Tailspin trail has been relocated to make it easier to groom. We need to thank the landowner Ken Kinson for suggesting this. We should receive bill for excavator rental from Charlestown Cornerstone. Bill announced we will be starting Sunday morning trail work parties on the 15th.

Old Business : No response from neighbor about lot line adjustment. Bill is going to ask town about possibly using metal for the ceiling in the barn. Lisa’s Bookkeeping is not interested in helping us. Paul has another person to ask about getting our 501c in order.

New Business : Paul wants a Range clean up day October 20th 9am-1pm. Bill asked if anyone had any ideas on who to give us a quote to hook up heater in barn. A suggestion was made about putting mail slots at range clubhouse and groomer barn. Bill will work on this.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:40