Old # 4 Rod, Gun, Snowmobile Club Inc.

By-Laws April 2016

Article 1

  • The name of the organization is Old #4 Rod, Gun and Snowmobile Club
  • The office of the organization shall be in the county of Sullivan.
  • Town of Charlestown, New Hampshire.
  • This is a non-profit organization, duly registered with the state of New Hampshire.

Article 2 - Purpose

  • To promote various activities and wildlife conservation for it's members.
  • The object of the club shall be to foster interest among it's members in the many services a Snowmobile can perform; to aid distressed people wherever and whenever the occasion arise; to assist local police, firemen and other Civil Officers wherever and whenever such assistance is of value or important to them; to provide transportation which is of value or benefit to the general public; to foster interest and participation in shooting and fishing sports by the club members and of club members; to sponsor a Hunter Safety & Bow Safety Course.
  • To have a Snowmobile Safety Course.

Article 3 - Membership

  • Any person over eighteen (18) years of age, having interest in Snowmobiling or sporting activity is required to hold an adult membership.
  • Any person under eighteen (18) years of age, having interest in Snowmobiling or sporting activity will become eligible upon written consent signed by his parent or guardian, said consent must include such wording as to relieve this organization of all responsibility for damage claims whatsoever. He shall be a Jr. member without voting privileges.
  • No member or person will be discriminated against for reasons of Race, Sex, or Religion.
  • Any membership can be revoked for due cause by a majority vote of the board of Directors.
  • Any member entitled to free hunting and fishing license age 68, and has been a paid member for 5 or more years, has a life long membership in the Old #4 Rod. Gun and Snowmobile Club.
  • To be eligible to vote at the annual meeting, the member must have attended not less than three(3) monthly meetings per year, including the annual meeting. The term "Year" is meant to be from annual meeting to annual meeting.
  • Any member in good standing will be eligible, when duly nominated, to hold any office or to be appointed to serve on any committee.

Article 4 - Government

  • The organization will be governed by officers duly elected by a majority vote of its members; said officers will include a PRESIDENT, VICE PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, TREASURER, SENIOR TRAIL MASTER, RANGE MASTER, Assistant Range Master and four (4) elected DIRECTORS which will constitute the Board of Directors.
  • All elected officers shall serve for one (1) year , with the exception of the members of the Board of Directors (except the President) shall act as Auditors, who shall serve for Two (2) years.
  • All officers are eligible to serve a second term.
  • All officers may hold the same office for more than one (1) year by majority vote of the assembly at the regular meeting when the election of officers is schedule on the agenda.
  • Their shall be no financial payment for the service in these offices.
  • No officer or member shall contract any debts for or against the club without first being authorized to do so by a majority vote of the assembly at any regular meeting.
  • The chairmen for any committee may be appointed by the President.
  • Any Chairman may appoint his own committee but he may waive this privilege if he wishes to do so.
  • A Nominating committee will be appointed at the February meeting. This committee shall present it's proposed slate of Officers at the March meeting, and election of Officers will be held at the annual meeting in April.
  • At any meeting when the election of Officers is on the agenda, Constitution and By-Laws shall be read. All amendments submitted will be voted on at this time.
  • Each proposed amendment shall be in writing and upon receiving a majority affirmative vote, will be incorporated into the By-Laws.
  • The rule of parliamentary law shall prevail when not in conflict with the Constitution or By-Laws.

Article 5 - Meeting

  • Regular meeting will be held on the second (2nd) Tuesday of the month at 7:00pm. Special meetings may be called by order of the president. Cards of notification must be five (5) days in advance by the Secretary.
  • No alcoholic beverages will be permitted to be consumed during any business meeting.
  • Any member who shall commit an act of violence with malice aforethought, causing bodily harm to any other member, or whose conduct or language shall become obnoxious, during any business meeting or any club function, can be disqualified from membership immediately by the President or a Director. Complaints shall be heard, considered and acted upon by the Board of Directors.
  • A sign in sheet will be provided at each meeting for attendance recording.

Article 6 - Dues

  • All dues for membership shall be paid on or before July1, of the calendar year. Dues paid after March 1st, (for new members only) will expire June 30th of the following year.
  •  The amount of dues shall be determined at the Annual meeting for the following membership year. Categorized as Range only, Snowmobile only or combination of both. Any membership including range shall have $10.00 directed to range account.
  • Dues paid before May 1, will expire June 30th of that year. Dues paid after March 1st (for new members only) will expire June 30th of the following year. All elected officers dues must be paid on or before July 1st of the calendar year.
  • All memberships are family memberships. Family members are defined as immediate family living within the same household including spouse and children under the age of eighteen(18). Reference Article 3

Article 7 - Quorum

  • A quorum for each business meeting shall consist of a least Seven(7) of the current Membership, with three(3) being of them being officers.
  • A majority of Members present will suffice to render a decision by vote at regular meetings.

Article 8 - Duties of Officers

PRESIDENT - The presiding officer, always to be addressed by his title, when referring to himself should always use his official title i.e., It is the opinion of the Chair, etc. The presiding officer shall take the chair and call the meeting to order at the proper time; shall announce in order, each item for business; shall state all proper questions, put them to a vote, and declare the results of said vote; shall state points of order or course of proceedings when requested and announce them to the assembly; shall receive all messages and other communications and announce them to the assembly; shall set forth the assembly in signing documents, etc.

VICE-PRESIDENT - The Vice-President shall act in the place of the President in his absence.

SECRETARY - As recording officer, the Secretary shall keep a correct and complete record of the proceeding, and shall read the minutes at the next meeting. In the absence of the President and Vice-President shall call the meeting to order and shall occupy the chair while the assembly proceeds to elect a Chairman Pro Tem., shall read papers to act upon, when requested to do so; shall call the role when necessary, shall hand to the chairman of every committee appointed, a list of the persons on the committee and statement of the matter entrusted to them; shall make out in order and present to the presiding officer before each meeting, the items of business for the meeting; shall have at each meeting a list of all committees; shall have custody of all papers and documents; shall sign alone or with that of the presiding officer, all acts, orders, and proceedings of the assembly. The secretary will have a petty cash fund of $100.00 each month for expenses. Receipts to be presented at the next meeting.

TREASURER - The treasurer shall have charge of all the funds of the club, and shall pay them out upon order of the assembly, signed by the secretary. His annual report shall be given at the annual meeting and will announce the amount in the Treasury at the beginning of the year, the amount received during the year, the amount paid out, and the balance on hand. He shall keep an itemized account of all income and payments made and shall keep itemized receipts of all payments made. Said accounts and receipts shall be submitted as part of the permanent records of the club at the annual meeting annually. His report and records may be examined by the auditing committee. The Treasurer will have a $100.00 petty cash fund. Receipts to be turned in at next meeting.

SENIOR TRAILMASTER - The senior Trail Master shall be responsible for maintenance and upkeep of the clubs trails and equipment throughout the year, and members of the club shall abide by his decisions in the area. He shall appoint assistants for aid in making plans and trail layouts. Trail Master will have a $500.00 petty cash fund. Receipts to be turned in at the next meeting.

RANGE MASTER - The Range Master shall be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the Club's Shooting Range, building and equipment throughout the year. He may request assistance to aid in carrying out his plans. The Range Master shall be at all regular Range events or assign someone else in his absents. Anyone planning a special event will notify the Range Master at least Two (2) weeks in advance. The Range Master would not be required to attend these special events if arranged by another member. The Range Master shall chair a committee to draft safety rules to be approved by a majority vote of club members at any regular club meeting. He shall be responsible for ensuring these rules are conspicuously posted on the shooting range and range boundaries. The Range Master shall have the authority to expel any club member or guest of a club member who is in violation of range safety rules. Range Master will have a $500.00 petty cash fund. Receipts to be turned in at the next meeting.

ASSISTANT RANGE MASTER - Assistant Range Master duties will include those of the Range Master such as Rules Enforcement, maintenance and upkeep of the range, buildings and equipment and he/she will be under the direction of the Range Master.  The "Assistant Range Master" will defer to the Range Master for all decisions made about Special Events of any type, Safety Rules, open or closed Range Days or Times and any other necessary decisions. The Assistant Range Master shall have the authority to expel any club member or guest of a club member who is in violation of range safety rules. Assistant Range Master will have a $500.00 petty cash fund. Receipts to be turned in at the next meeting.

BOARD OF DIRECTORS - The Board of Directors shall hear, consider, and act upon any complaints; shall appoint a member or fill any vacancy occurring in any office for an unexpired term; shall act as Auditors, shall carry out the wishes of the membership and act in the interest of the club.

NOTE: When circumstances warrant it, any wording in the Constitution and By-Laws which relates to Male, may be substituted with Female.

Article 9- Amendments

  • These By-Laws may be amended by the presentation of such proposed amendments in writing by any member in good standing at any regular meeting, to be voted on at the next annual meeting and may be adopted by a Majority vote of the members present.
  • In the event of dissolution of the club, all property and money in the name of the club shall be donated to a charitable organization or organization at the discretion of the officers and members.


  • Call meeting to order.
  • Roll call.
  • Reading of the minutes of the last meeting for reference.
  • Treasurers Report.
  • Committee Reports.
  • Communications.
  • Bills and Accounts
  • Unfinished Business.
  • Suggestions for the good of the order.
  • Reading and adopting of the Minutes.
  • Closing of the meeting, President asks for a motion upon which the members vote.
  • Article 11 - PROPERTY USAGE

Any use of club property by any organization or group shall be approved by the Board of Officers at a regular monthly meeting prior to the requested date of use. All groups or organizations who use of club property shall be by contract with the club, as approved by the Board of Officers.

Revised April 11, 2017

Constitution and By-Laws