August Meeting Minutes

Meeting Minutes August 2022

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7:05pm

Minutes to June meeting were read and accepted. No July meeting for lack of quorum.

Treasurers Report for June was read and accepted.

Treasurers Report for July was read and accepted.

Range Report: Paul reported 7 to 8 shooters showing up for trap. He has installed a couple more cameras. Tim asked about progress on traphouse renovation. Matt said they are waiting on his schedule to free up.

Trails Report: Mike reported that GIA for winter grooming will be about $6451, Also reported that Bob Beaudry has shut down trails on his properties. Bill has approached the Town about trails in reservoir lot. Mike and Bill working on other reroutes too.

Old Business: Ed asked if the club wants to go forward with logging due to the taxing issue with the town. Discussion was had about him looking at what’s left to see if it’s worth it.

Paul asked if the range account could get reimbursed for one section of culvert for the beaver project. Motion was made and seconded. Motion passed.

Bill presented estimates for excavator rental for water and sewer project. Matt volunteered his equipment if it becomes available. If not available by end of October will rent one for a weekend. Motion was made to allow Bill to purchase water pipe and sewer pipe. Motion seconded. Motion passed.

New Business: Bill suggested cashing savings bonds early to help with finishing Barn interior. He will look into it.

Bill reported that he enjoyed participating in the Fish and Games’ Barry camp as a hunter safety instructor. Looking forward to being able to have classes at our facility. Meeting Adjourned 8:05