December 2023 Meeting Minutes

December 12, 2023, 7:00 pm meeting called to order

Motion to read November minutes at January meeting> carried

Treasurer report read

Motion to accept>carried

Attendees: Bill Fowle, Nancy Emery, Michael Joyce, Paul Elie, Paul Hamel, Tim O’Hearne, Dave Bragg, Randy Merrill, John Caramore

Range Report: Paul Elie

  • Gate to range is being worked on, should be done soon.
  • There was a suggestion from Bill Fowle to move the gate motor back from planned area to prevent getting snow build up from plowing.
  • Mike Joyce asked for an update on the Trap House work that was approved last year. Paul replied it is not done yet, as he is having a hard time to get workers to get the work done. Bill Fowle suggested perhaps using concrete in place of wood, to prevent further damage once fixed.

Trail Report: Mike Joyce

  • Beaver dam up by Perry Mountain is flooding the trail, there are rocks in the trail. Mike has Ray Daignault coming with an excavator to move rocks to prevent flooding.
  • $600. Was approved for the work by Ray Daignault.
  • Requested state funding was approved by NH Governors Counsel for a total of $7,246 for the club. $6,630 towards grooming and $502 for plowing.

Old Business:

  • Land update: The deal is settled, waiting for the meeting for final signatures.
  • Bill will use a metal detector to find corner pin on property as it seems to have been pushed into the ground.
  • Water for the building is still waiting on town to turn pump on.

New Business:

  • It was suggested by Tim O’Hearne that we take some of the range money and invest in a CD. He suggested Service Credit Union in Keene as they have a good rate on 12-month CD.
  • It was voted and approved to invest $15,000 in a CD at Service Credit union from Range account.
  • Bill would like to look further into Solar for the barn, to save on electricity in the future.
  • Mike Joyce and Paul Elie would like the last inventory list of equipment to work with to get a current updated list of equipment. Nancy will get copies for them and drop them off at the barn for them to collect.

Motion to adjourn @ 7:49 pm