PO Box 679, Charlestown, NH 03603

Kids Shoot Day

Event Name:

Kids Shoot Day

Event Date:

2019-06-22 09:00:00

Event Location:

741 Old Claremont Rd, Charlestown, NH 03603 (At The Range)

Event Description:

This is a fun day at the range for parents and kids to learn about gun safety and enjoy the sport of shooting.
We encourage you as a responsible parent and citizen to reinforce these ideas by repeating this message and discussing it with your child. According to federal statistics, there are guns in approximately 40% of all U.S. households. Even if you do not have a firearm in your home, chances are that someone you know does. Your child could come in contact with a gun at a neighbor's house, when playing with friends, or under other circumstances outside of your control. We encourage you as a responsible parent and citizen today to...

Make sure all firearms cannot be reached by anyone who should not have access to them without your consent. Store guns so they are not accessible to unauthorized persons, especially children.
Keep ammunition securely stored where a child or any other unauthorized person cannot reach it.
Talk to your child about guns, and gun safety. By removing the mystery surrounding guns, your child will be far less curious about guns, and more likely to follow safety rules.
Make sure your child understands the difference between a toy gun and a real gun, and the difference between "pretend" and real life.