February Minutes

Meeting Minutes February 2022 Meeting called to order at 7pm by President Bill Fowle.

Minutes to January meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers Report for January was read and accepted.

Range Report: No report due to logging. Paul is looking into choices for the new gate.

Trails Report: We have started grooming and so far only 1 minor repair.

Old Business: Logging is taking longer than anticipated, there is more wood than Ed estimated, they may have to come back in the fall.

Bill has 1 estimate from Bart Energy for 12,000 on heating system. 1 other contractor backed out because he let his NH license lapse. We are still waiting on Cota&Cota and 1 other estimate.

Lot line adjustment Wells Fargo Bank said information was too old.

Bill had 15 students attend the OHRV safety class. The club provided snacks, drinks and pizza.

New Business: Paul wants to shut off phone. Motion made to turn off phone pending if it is needed to run security cameras.

Motion passed Adjourned 7:19pm