February Minutes

Minutes for February Meeting 2021

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7pm

Minutes for February’s meeting were read and accepted

Treasurer’s Report for February was read and accepted

Range report – same amount of shooters between 8-13 . A new shipment of black rimmed birds came in. We have a person assigned to us from the IRS to evaluate our papers. A mouse built a nest in the snowblower, Paul wasn’t aware of this until he saw stuff blowing out of it and now it wont start. Paul will take it to someone to have it looked at to see if it can be fixed , if it’s worth being fixed since it’s about 13 years old or if we have to get a new one.

Trail report – Groomed 7.5hr in January totaling $460. They have been in touch with the game warden Johnathan, as of 2021 people can be ticketed for driving on snowmobile trails. A few people have been ticketed for driving four wheelers on trails and they are investigating the Lamb Road issue.

Old Business: No information on the loggers. Bill found a heating system almost complete for $2700 and $300 for the manifold and a few other associated items which is a lot less than the $7000 we were quoted by Hinkley. It ships assembled and tested. He will be looking into that more when we find out how much money will be made from grooming. Bill got the copy of the paperwork from the lawyer, a copy of the forms that the Greenwoods need to fill out, sign and back to the lawyer so he can get any information he needs from the bank so that the papers can be finalized and processed.

New Business: Bruce Temple (Sullivan county fish and game commissioner) stopped by and gave a speech on what fish and game is up to this year. He said it was an excellent year for deer. About 12,000 Deer, 1,100-1,200 Bear and there will be changes on Moose permits which will affect mainly the Keene area. South western NH will not have any permits this year. The amount of permits will go from 50 down to 42 or 43 permits. A person came from the Sullivan County Sportsman Club to donate a bunch of supplies for having functions with food (trays, heating pans, silverware, etc).

The club is going to try to start selling stickers with the club logo. They will be available in a few different colors.

adjourned at 7:29pm
submitted by Brianna Moynihan