January 2024 Meeting Minutes

 2024 Meeting Minutes

January 9,2024 – 6:59 pm meeting called to order

Motion to pass November & December minutes > carried

Treasurer report read

Motion to accept>carried

Attendees: Bill Fowle, Nancy Emery, Eric Emery, Tim O’Hearne, Dave Bragg, John Caramore

Range Report: Bill Fowle, for Paul Elie

  • 1 shoot last month
  • Gate to range is being worked on, the process is slow – There are stumps in the way
  • There is a part needed to modify the gate

Trail Report:  Bill Fowle, for Mike Joyce

  • Water bar built by Perry Mountain
  • Removal of 2 dams & rocks

Old Business:

  • Land update: We have the deed for the land transfer, we will put in safety deposit box
  • Water to Barn: Town provided us with the meter, up to club to get it connected

New Business:

  • OHRV class set for February 10, Volunteers are needed
  • CD at Mascoma Bank has been closed.  Voted to do a new CD at Service Credit Union for $10,000
  • Nancy will provide inventory of bank box at next meeting

Motion to adjourn @ 7:34 pm