January Meeting Minutes

Minutes for January 2021 Meeting

Meeting called to order by president Bill Fowle at 7:02pm

Minutes for December’s meeting were read and accepted Treasurer’s report for December’s meeting was read and accepted

Range Report – Still having shooting on the 1st and 3rd Sundays. One shoot had 13 shooters. The birds should be in at the end of January Trail Report – 19 hours on the groomer, Scandic is down but bill is fixing it. A roller bearing from the cageless bearing which got into a piston, broke up and jammed it up.

Old business – A logging company (person’s name is Hunter) came up to look at the property but the size of the operation did not fit him. A name was given “Brian Smith” who was called. Hunter and Brian will talk about what we need done and Brian will give us a call back to let us know if he is interested.

Amendments to the bylaws (article X (10), VIII (8), IX (9), XV (15) ) were read and voted on as a ticket. Motion made and seconded

New business – It has been 90 days on the 501c and someone will be making a call to check on it. On New Year’s day, 2 people were asked to leave the shooting range that were not members.

Bill is putting a materials list together so he can get an estimate on finishing the groomer barn.

Meeting adjourned at 7:28pm