January Minutes

January 2022 Meeting Minutes Meeting called to order at 7 p by President Bill Fowle.

Minutes to November meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers Reports for November and December were Read and accepted.

No meeting was held in December due to lack of a quorum.

Range Report- Paul reported nothing going on due to range closure for logging. He is battling with the beaver again.

Trails Report- Mike reported that the Bureau would like us to set up for direct deposit of GIA funds. He also said we need to redo our state right of way permit to reroute the trail at Lovers Lane. Bill Reported that the Tucker has the new bushings installed and the rest of the service done.

Old Business- Ed reported he has the logger under contract. We will be getting 40% of the money from sawlogs, some money from hardwood pulp. There is no market for softwood pulp, so that will be left in the woods. Bill is working on quotes for heating system. He has talked to Bart Energy, Cota&Cota and one other independent guy. Still no word on lot line adjustment. Still waiting Wells Fargo Bank.

New Business- Bill has scheduled an OHRV class for January 30 th at the VFW on Lovers Lane.

Bill is taking the Hunter Safety Instructor class with NH Fish and Game and should be able to have a class later this year.

Meeting Adjourned 7:25 pm