July 2023 meeting minutes

July 2023 Meeting Minutes:

July 11, 2023 @ 7:04 pm meeting is called to order

Amendment to June meeting passed and carried.

New Treasurer not here tonight; treasurer report read, accepted and carried.

Range report: $450 snow plowing invoice received. Land needs multiple plows in one day but should only be charged once. 

6 shooters tonight.  With the incessant rain, the range was a wash out.  5-6 truck loads lost in fill.  It needs to be filled back in as well as the parking lot.  Suggestion for bluestone because it should hold well.  Tractor needs repairs.

Trail report:  Contract has been signed.  Need lumber for the bridges. 

Old Business: Land swap-surveyed; moved 1 pin 8 feet.  Waiting for bank approval.  Hopefully this will be over soon.  Progress on the new bathroom-plumbing laid in but the town needs to get the pump going. Status on the gate-$1000 parts needed. Club needs to show good faith at attempts to keep intruders out for insurance company. Plow will get a remote for the gate.  Motion to approve the buying of the parts and carried.  Discussion of website access and phone numbers on fb and website. Member asked, how many members are in the club?  About 250.  How can we increase meeting attendance? Maybe dinner incentives would help promote active participation. Fundraising efforts could help as well.  

New Business:  Snow plowing for next year-request for bids will go in next month.  Club needs exact instructions on what and where needs to be plowed from both Masters. There is enough money to build the office with a gun safe to secure the clubs firearms.  Paul will purchase and only 3 officers will have the code.  Office should be complete in a few weeks.  Motion for Paul to purchase a gun safe-carried. Everything can go in it. It will also eliminate the need for the safe deposit box at the bank.  NHSA deadline is July 15th.  It was said that there was $1104 in donations so far this year.  Paul would like to use some of that to get the tractor fixed. No estimate obtained yet-motion to approve tractor repairs>carried.  If it is $1100, it was stated that it might not be worth fixing. 

Motion to adjourn @ 7:51 pm.