June 2023 Meeting Minutes

June  2023 Meeting Minutes:

June 13, 2023 @ 7:01pm Meeting called to order.

Corrections from April meeting minutes-”scholarships” approved.

May meeting minutes read

Nominations read

Motion to accept May minutes>carried.

Question from a member-why are we paying injury insurance every year?


Range report:  

4-10 shooters

New estimate of $3200, place wanted to do it in sections.  Bill recommends Brendon Jones in South Charlestown.  Looking to get a metal dome for the range.  Need to write up a proposal for the planning board.  

Trail Report:

District 4 hasn’t received anything from the bureau.  

Old Business:

Election to vote new officers as a slate>carried. Votes on the slate of officers>carried. 

Amendments to the By-laws: Article 6 Section 2-officers can serve indefinitely; motion moved to remove the restriction>carried.

Article 6 section 7-petty cash restrictions- discussion on amount limits, motion to approve and carried. 

Section 8-written reports-discussion-motion to approve and carried.

Article 11-property usage-add take pics of each piece of equipment and to keep the pics in the safe deposit box. Also suggested putting them on a flash drive. Motion approved and carried. 

New Business:

Same estimate for the slider or lift gate. We need to keep kids and better fencing all around.

Land swap update-still waiting on a signature.  Disputing the survey-1 pin moved.  Bill will pay the surveyor ($500 est.); bring the bill to the next meeting.tabled ($400).

Ideas for scholarships-waiting to hear back from the officers from Sullivan County.  Members’ kids/grandkids restriction will go to the committee. 

Bond money to finish the bathroom is approved and carried. 

Motion to adjourn @ 8:04pm.