June meeting minutes

Meeting called to order at 7:02 P.M. by President Bill Fowle.

May minutes read and accepted with 3 changes( June changed to May in lines 2 and 3, Contract signed changed to contract accepted in discussion of logging).

May Treasurers report read and accepted.

Range Report – The Electrician that has been helping on the range has injured himself and further electrical work will be delayed for a couple months.

Trap is still getting 12-15 per week.

Paul says he has been holding off on the new voice release system, but, with logging currently planned for the Fall, he will go ahead and finalize the research and purchase a new system.

Trail Report – Mike reported that the summer GIA was not approved due to the name of the trail to town. It was mistakenly named the Jiffy Mart trail, the GIA will be resubmitted with the proper name Town Link Trail.

Mike also reported that a landowner is looking to have Acworth drop the road from Halls Pond to Perry Mt. If that happens, we may have to reroute to get around that landowners portion of the road.

Old Business – Discussion of the changes to the trail at Lovers Lane included the idea to move the trail about 100 ft East to get out of the intersection as well as off the hill that gives the groomer so much trouble.

New Business – Election, a motion was made and passed to vote the slate of officers rather than individuals. Voting was held and the slate of officers was passed as follows:

President: Bill Fowle Vice President: Don Spaulding

Secretary: Brianna Moynihan Treasurer: Dave Bragg

Trail Administrator: Mike Joyce

Range Master: Paul Elie Asst Range Master: John Caramore

Director: Craig Richardson Director: Eric Johnson

Range to provide a monthly report to the Treasurer of all income based on Member/Non-Member status in order to be prepared for annual IRS reporting and possible future Audit.

Bill Reported on the NHSA Annual meeting from Sat 5 June. The club received a 50 year membership award from the association, one of only 11 this year.

Meeting adjourned at 7:46 P.M.

Submitted by Bill Fowle