March 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 2024 Meeting Minutes

March 12,2024 – 7:00 pm meeting called to order

Motion to pass February minutes > carried

Treasurer report read

Motion to accept>carried

Attendees: Bill Fowle, Nancy Emery, Tim O’Hearne, Dave Bragg, Micheal Joyce, Ed Johnson, Paul Elie

Range Report: Paul Elie

  • Bill and Paul worked on the gate. The Keypad needs to be programmed; this will be done on the 13th in the morning.
  • On the last Tuesday in March, Range will start Tuesdays again.
  • April 7 is range clean-up day.
  • Paul with speak with John about cement work needed for repairs at range.
  • Paul wants to work on a new pistol shooting area, this would allow 5 shooters at a time can shoot.
  • Paul hopes that by next season there will be a trolly type system installed. This would allow shooters to pull their target up to them, rather than going to targets now.

Trail Report:  Mike Joyce

  • There was no groomer work done this season.
  • Signs have been picked up.
  • Mike will put in for 1 bridge project repair, he needs copy of good standing letter from the State.  Nancy will leave that at the barn for him.
  • Mike needs a copy of the insurance paid invoice and canceled check – Allied Insurance.  Nancy will leave these at the barn for him.
  • Bill and Mike are going to a meeting to get updates on simplifying the grant process.

Old Business: 

  • John Stone wants to use the range at least 1 Saturday a month from 9-1 for pistol training.  All participants will be required to be a member of the club. 

This was approved by Paul and the Club voted.

New Business:

  • Saturday May 4th Hunter Safety for online training members to do their final exam.  Range will be closed that day until 4:00 pm 

Motion to adjourn @ 7:27 pm