March Meeting Minutes

Minutes for March’s Meeting 2021

Meeting called to order by president Bill Fowle at 7:00pm

Minutes for February’s meeting were read and accepted

Treasurer’s report for February’s meeting was read and accepted.

Range Report – Same number of shooters, the shipment of birds came in.

We got the approval from the IRS for the 501(c)7.

Deer corn with molasses was purchased. As of the 30th of march there will be a shoot on Tuesday night and 1 Sunday a month for people that can not make it on Tuesdays. The tractor/snowblower was fixed for $24 – broken gas line.

Trail Report – 53 hours coming out to $3,239. The allotted time was used up for the year (87 hours). We asked for more hours and were allowed another 40 hours. Green mountain equipment was called to check on a wheel and they will call us back if he still has it there. Also he quoted $280 for each sprocket to be resurfaced.

The Grant in aid was started so we need to figure out if we are going to work on the bridge. Been in contact with the state about the steep hill on lovers lane to see what we can do about it to make it better to get up through.

Jonathan had a group of 4wheelers that were given fines along with some pick up trucks. We are looking into gating Lamb Road for the winter.

No answer from the Springfield hospital on changing over the trail over there. The front bushings need to be done on the tucker in the off season.

Old business – We may be able log – Brian Smith thinks he will be able to do it. Posts/Gates/Berms have to come out, power lines have to come down and the concrete may get broken up from the cleats. The landing would be in the range which would close the range for about 1 month. Brian wants to see the area without the snow and will be able to give us a time frame when he could do it and how long it would take. New business – Paul is looking into a better electronic gate.

Meeting adjourned at 7:36 PM.