May Minutes

Minutes for May Meeting 2021

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7pm Minutes for May meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report for May was read and accepted.

Range report – Still getting 10-13 shooters a week which is working out well. The underground electricity was completely put in. A new line was put in to the trap house, the main building and a few spare lines. A pallet of clay pigeons have been ordered from walmart. When the sheds were moved around, paul took the spare batteries to American Recycling totaling $116.

Trail report – Summer grant in aid was put in for a little under $8,000 but we may not get all of it. A Landowner gave permission to put the bridge in down town.

Old Business: The logger signed the contract, the intent to cut has been filed with the town and we are just waiting on them to sign it and get back to us. It could be as early as next month but could be october depending on his schedule. It will require taking down the 20 and 50 meter target pits in order to get his equipment in there. It may take about a month, taking into consideration for rain and equipment delays. He figures 2-2.5 weeks for the cut and haul but allowing himself 1 month. The range may be closed for about 5 weeks.

The nominated officers are the same as they are right now but Bill will post online to see if anyone wishes to be nominated for a position.

[ A break was taken to wait for Bruce from the Sullivan County Sportmans Club]

New Business: The Sullivan County Sportsman Club was given the 501C form. A check will be given to the range A portion of the donation will go to setting up a fund to send a couple kids to the Barry Conservation Camp. Bruce will be stopping by the range to drop off a check.

Adjourned at 7:45pm

submitted by Brianna Moynihan