Meeting Minutes April 2023

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7 pm

Minutes to March Meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurers report for March was read and accepted.

Range Report- Paul reported not many shooters coming due to schedule changeover. Nothing else to report at this time.

Trails Report- Bill reported that Mike submitted last grooming paperwork to State. Mike is working on Summer GIA that needs to be in by the 15th of month. Bill reminded Dave that they need COGS certificate to send in with GIA paperwork.

Mike and Bill are planning to pick up signs Friday the 14th.

Old Business- Bill reported issue with land swap. Acreage on town tax map does’nt match surveyors measurement.

Dave reported treasury asking for more information in order to process bonds. Paperwork sent April 3rd.

Bill asked for permission to buy materials for beaver deterrent project. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed.

New Business- Bill appointed three members to the nominating committee. Dave Bragg, Paul Hamel and Paul Elie.

Sullivan County Sportsmen brought a check for 23000.00 to finalize their dissolution. Money to be entered into Range account per their bylaws. Bill asked Paul to look into some acceptable camps to make donations to.

Motion made to adjourn, motion seconded. Motion passed meeting adjourned 7:17 pm