Meeting minutes

Minutes for August Meeting 2020

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7pm Minutes for July meeting were read and accepted.

Treasurer’s Report for July was read and accepted.

Range report – minor catastrophe 8/9 John and Paul was trying to fix a pole that was falling over and as they were trying to fix it, the ratchet strap broke or came undone and the pole snapped off and ended up over the bank. Due to this happening an electrician had to come out and a new pole was donated by a friend of john Caramore and brought in. Matt Blanc brought in an excavator, took out the old pole and set the new pole. John Caramore’s friend is going to run the electricity. Shooting is going well as there were 13 shooters on 8/11 and Paul held a sunday shoot on 8/23 from 12pm-2pm. On the morning of Friday 8/14 the range was closed until 1pm to fix electricity.

Trail report – no true report, nhsa changed the online sales. The Land swap is scheduled to get the trail open. It was scheduled for the planning board for 9/1 at 7pm. Once that goes through, We will find a company to write new deeds and then file them. Old Business: Matt blanc has not had the loggers contact Ed johnson. We have not heard back about the grant money from the hern foundation. NRA is not accepting any grant requests at the moment. New Business: Copy machine has a laser that is broken and not fixable as it was too old. Bill will be looking into getting a new copy machine or possibly having one donated. Bill has sorted through the filing and has saved the last 5 years and current year for any life member applications. Any receipts and papers from the 80’s and 90’s will be disposed of. Bill will be going to the safety deposit box and taking an inventory of what is in it.​

adjourned at 7:43pm submitted by Brianna Moynihan

adjourned at 7:43pm submitted by Brianna Moynihan