Mission Statement

Mission Statement is:

The role of our organization falls into four categories.


TO EDUCATE: We will educate children, youth, adults, and families in the Safe and Responsible use of Firearms, Safe and Responsible use of OHRV and other Sporting Activities.  To provide Skills through a variety of methods including Youth outreach programs, Family oriented events, Community outreach, and Safety education.


TO PRESERVE: We will preserve our land and OHRV trail systems and Relations with the public.


TO ADVOCATE: We will advocate for and protect and defend the right of every qualified citizen to acquire, possess, transport, carry, transfer ownership of and enjoy the use of firearms.  We will be active in legislative participation on matters dealing with wildlife resources, field sports, firearms, land and water conservation, hunting, fishing and any activities that threaten or curtail such activities.


TO PROMOTE: We will promote respect for and understanding of the American heritage of shooting sports, hunting, trapping and fishing, with the intent to improve relations with neighbors, landowners and the general public.