November meeting

Minutes for November Meeting 2020

Meeting called to order by president Bill Fowle at 7pm Minutes for October’s meeting were read and accepted .

Treasurer’s report for October’s meeting was read and accepted.

Range Report – Paul did not have anything to report other than the first winter shoot only had 4 shooters.

Trail Report – Have not heard back yet from the state about the grant and aid. They did change the amount per hour for the groomer. It will end up being around $58/per hour. A new land owner signed up recently and we just have to put enough signs up so people are not riding around his land where they are not supposed to be. A new gate was installed at Halls pond and finished, it just needs a lock. The new trail next to the groomer barn is finished.

Old Business – Loggers are busy at the moment and we have not heard back from them.

New Business: We retroactively approved a purchase for the month of September for gravel and other items for the range totaling around $900. A gentleman from Claremont attended the meeting asking about what future improvements there are in place for the range and how he and his friends could help. He asked to be contacted if Paul needs any help and he and his friends would come to help. We spoke about potentially setting up an e-mail list so we can send out e-mails stating the events that will be happening for the month and any information on days that the range will need help to try to get people out to help Paul on any projects needed. People have been spotted jumping the fence, leaving the gate open when they leave and others are coming in that are not members and people are giving out the code to friends/family. Also, there was a discussion on having a sign in sheet for the shoot to show that money is being brought in, from where and from who. There was also a discussion of changing the annual meeting because some officers that were elected had dues that were not paid.

Meeting Adjourned at 8:02