October Meeting Minutes

Minutes for October Meeting 2020 Meeting called to order by president Bill Fowle.

at 7pm Minutes for Septembers meeting were read and accepted. Treasurer’s report for September’s meeting was read and accepted.

Range Report – still getting about 11-12 shooters a week. We got an estimate for $1500 from John Caramore for the underground power and a few extra things. Once the electric is in the shed can be moved and Matt Blanc said we can use his equipment to move the sheds Motion made and accepted to approve the range to spend the approximate $1500 to finish up the electric project.

Trail Report – No trail report from Mike but Bill cleaned up part of the trail going from the groomer barn to behind the house Old Business – Bill has not heard back from the lawyer on the deeds yet. It could be due to their bank running slower.

New Business: Sullivan County Sportsman Club is going to become part of our club and will be donating their club fees. This money will be going towards the range but Kelly from the non-profit told Bill to hold off on accepting this until the paperwork is back from the IRS. The paperwork could take about 90-180 days.

Meeting Adjourned at 7:19