September Minutes

Meeting Minutes September 2021

Meeting called to order by President Bill Fowle at 7:01

Minutes to August meeting were read and accepted

Treasurers Report for August was read and accepted

Range Report- Paul reported 6-9 shooters coming for trap. They are having trouble getting ammo and reloading supplies so he expects the number to go down even more.

He is planning to do some more painting on building.

Trail Report- Mike reported that he has received no word on the State getting any money from FEMA for storm damage. We will have to temporarily repair the damaged bridges until we can submit for grant in aid next spring.

Mike is working on winter grooming grant paperwork. It needs to be sent in the first week of October.

Bill and Bruce fixed the chain on Halls pond gate. They also checked the bridges in Hubbard state forest found no washouts but did find a fallen tree had damaged a railing.

Old Business- Lot Line adjustment, Bill heard from the lawyer that he is waiting on Wells Fargo bank now.

Logging- Ed reported that logger is backed up due to a wet summer and can not get to us until next year. The other logger may be able to do it by November of this year. Ed estimates the club would receive around 12000 after taxes.

New Business- None brought forward

Meeting Adjourned 7:32