Minutes October 2023

Meeting opened 7 PM, President Bill Fowle presiding.

No Minutes for Aug and September.

Treasurers Report read and accepted.

Range: Running 5-6 shooters. New gate will be built and installed, hopefully before snow.

Shooters report that a neighbor’s wife brought beer to the range and offered it to them, they told her they couldn’t drink it because of range rules forbidding alcohol. A separate report of non members parked in front of the gate and inside shooting. Discussion about gate and fence repairs/improvements needed.

Trails: Bridge going in at Clay Brook on Oct 14. Still waiting on Landowner for new trail through Stae forest and Town Reservoir lot.

Old Business: Logger hoping to get in and finish the job in Jan/Feb. Land swap still waiting for Wells Fargo Bank. Groomer barn still waiting for Town to get Generator for water.

Meeting Adjourned 7:45 PM